Regular and XL size

! Rechargeable !

MoistureEater will absorb the atmospheric moisture in your Handpan bag. This will keep it as dry as possible and so help prevent the development of rust.

Simply place a MoistureEater In the bag with your Handpan.

When saturated, the special indicator tag will change color from blue to pink.
When pink – recharge!

To recharge simply place in a microwave
for a few minutes of heating to evaporate the retained moisture.
Or place on a heating radiator.
Alternatively place in hot sunlight until dry.
Can be almost indefinitely recharged.

MoistureEater comes in two sizes.

The regular size is sufficient for most climates and use
Regular size with a maximum absorption of 25cc
Price € 15,- ex shipping

The XL is for extreme climates or if you will be outside in damp weather regularly, for instance when busking.
XL will absorb 50cc
Price € 25,- ex shipping

This product is hand made in the Netherlands.